Let's get spooky...

For all you last-minute Halloweeners- We’ve got you boo! No matter what your plans are, we have some fun things in the studio to help take your look to the next level this Halloween! These quick and easy products will make sure you can pull off a spooky ‘do even with just a few days left.


1. Redken Glitter Spray


Redken's Color Rebel Glitter Spray is super popular this time of year. Whether it’s guys with glitter beards or girls with glitter roots, this silver spray will be sure to sparkle up your style. It dries onto your hair after spraying, and then washes right out. We’ve seen it sprayed onto hair, skin, and even pumpkins… it can be used to sparkle just about anything!


2. Clip-In Extensions


Clip in extensions are the perfect way to add something fun to your look without breaking the bank. We have many different colours to choose from and since they’re made of human hair they can definitely be cut, styled, washed, reused, and whatever else you’d want!

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3. evo Gangsta Grip


If you want to make sure your hair doesn’t move all night, this is what you need. Gangsta Grip has the strongest hold throughout evo’s entire line, and it can be added to other products to increase their hold too. This liquefied gel can be air-dried in or blow-dried in, and a little goes a long way. If you’re going for the Ace Ventura look this October, look no further!


4. evo Clip-ity Clap Clips


Whether you want to use these as setting clips or incorporate them into your outfit, these clips are light-weight and won’t leave any marks or dents on your hair. We recommend using a hot glue gun to add decorations to them and then clipping them into your hair after they’ve dried to make sure you’re dressed up from head to toe!


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