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As the summer approaches, more and more ladies have been wanting to invest in some luscious locks! Hair extensions are getting more and more popular, and there are so many different options out there, so how do you decide?

We have come up with this guide to help you stay on track with this up and rising trend and make the best decisions for you and your hair!

Decisions, decisions...

With so many different methods, it's essential that you choose what's best for your hair as well as your lifestyle. What are your hair goals? Did you want extensions for fullness or added length? Do you just want to try something new? Looking for a pop of colour?

The first thing when deciding whether extensions are right for you or not is getting a proper consultation. Sitting down with your stylist and going over all the questions and options will help you better choose what method is best for you, or if extensions are a suitable choice for your lifestyle. They're a great way to help get you to your length goals if you're trying to grow your hair and have no patience (cause let's be real, who has time for that?), or for a quick fix for weddings, vacations, or events in which you want to amp up your style.

So what are your options? There are so many methods on the market these days it can be overwhelming to choose what's best for you. So lets break it down with the facts:

One of the reasons why so many people have been coming to our studio to get their extensions is because of our method; We use the Micro Weft technique which means no heat, no glue, and no damage to your hair. We also have about 10 years of experience, so you know you're in good hands!

Tape-Ins vs. Micro Wefts


Tape Ins are one of the biggest and most popular methods on the market today, but they can be one of the most damaging for your natural hair. These are installed by sandwiching your hair in between two pieces of surgical grade tape adhesive. Fantastic for a quick fix for the weekend or to add a pop of colour and fill in some fine sides. But as for full-time wear they can be the most damaging because when you need to get them moved up or "tightened", it's nearly impossible to not take some of your own hair with the tapes. The tapes need to be loosened up with acetone (which is sprayed directly on your hair) to break down the adhesive. Then they are pulled apart (this is where your hair goes with the tapes) and then more acetone is sprayed to try and remove any remaining glue that is left behind on your hair. What a painful mess! Since these extensions are on a one inch strip it can lead to bunching, or "clumping" of the hair which can take away from the "natural" look you're trying to achieve as well. 

Micro Wefts

Micro Wefts are exactly that...Wefts held in place with micro beads. This is my favourite method! Reason being, is it is the least damaging and has the most natural look, longevity, as well as comfort. The hair is on a track so the coverage is so much fuller and you don't have to worry about stringy bits or "clumping" of the extensions. But won't having so much  hair in one place be more damaging? I'm glad you asked! Absolutely not. The track is held in place with silicone lined copper beads and we use an adequate amount of your natural hair to hold the weft in place. Doing it this way ensures that the weight is evenly distributed, in turn, causing less damage. When its' time for your tightening the beads are removed one at a time and the hair is combed out to remove any "natural shedding" you have in between appointments. Some extentionsists just move the beads up and re-tighten them, and this is where real damage comes from! The natural shedding needs to be combed out and a new bead needs to be placed in the hair to avoid disrupting the cuticle. We recommend that your maintenance appointments are every 3-4 weeks. Anything over this can cause too much movement with the tracks and causes matting.

Our Hair

The hair we have chosen for our guests at Elixir has been thoroughly sourced out and is of the highest quality standard. What sets our hair apart from others? Our hair is 100% Remy with full cuticle intact. Heard of Remy before? It's an extremely overused word in the extension market these days and is generally put on packaging as a selling feature so watch out because sometimes you aren't buying what you think you're buying! To avoid any scams or poor quality hair,  you're better off purchasing right from your extentionist. 

What about styling my hair?! The Micro Weft method will allow you full control when styling your hair. You're styling options are endless whether you like a high bun, low ponytail, french braids, or beach waves. The weft is so seamless and hidden you don't have to fuss with trying to hide it. The extensions are 100% human hair and can easily be curled or straightened. We can go over styling tips when you come in!

That's all for now...

Like I mentioned in the beginning, there are a lot of things to think about and different decisions to make! If you have any questions at all, call Elixir Hair Studio and we can book you a consultation with Allana or Megan. Hope to be seeing you soon!

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