Green Circle Salons

Something you may not know about Elixir Hair Studio is that we are actually one of only three salons in St. Albert that is Green Circle Certified. Green Circle is a Canadian company that has helped over 800 salons reduce their wastes by 85%-95% per day. 


What Does This Mean?

This means that our salon makes environmental sustainability a priority. Green Circle’s mission is to, “Make the North American salon industry sustainable by 2020.” The harsh reality is that hair salons go through a lot of waste throughout the day (think of all the foils used in your hair), and until Green Circle came into existence, there wasn't really an option to reduce that amount. Sure it's easy to recycle cans and paper, but what about the leftover colour we didn't end up putting into your hair, or the colour cans themselves? Luckily, in 2009, Green Circle was created!

Make the North American salon industry sustainable by 2020.
— Green Circle

How Does it Work?

Green Circle sends someone once a week to take out our bags of recyclables and replace them with new empty bags. Then they handle the rest, and make the world a greener place in the process!

At Elixir Hair Studio, we take this very seriously. We recycle just about everything we can, including the hair from your haircuts! You may have seen the five little bins by our coffee station, the colour container on our counter at the colour bar, or the information pop-up in our bathroom, but what you don’t know is that in our back room we have five massive recycling bins for things like plastics, metals, papers, garbage, and bottles. We even have three different bins under our front desk for different things! 


What Do They Use Everything For?

Instead of your hair being chopped off and destined for the dustbin, Green Circle uses it to help save the world. Well, soak up oil in oceans but close enough. To put this into perspective, the average salon collects about 50 kg of hair a year, and about 450 kg of hair was sent to help an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The colour tubes and foils are melted down, the chemicals are removed, and then some of the chemicals are burned to create energy.

For more information, check out the link below, and thank you for helping us make the world a greener place!