Elixir's Grad Services

We would love to be part of your graduation day! Not only can we help with your hair, but did you know we also have a trained & certified makeup artist working here too? Jillyn does lots of makeup for photoshoots, weddings, and graduations. As soon as you leave the hair chair you can move right on over to her makeup station in our salon so that you can get everything done in one place as fast as possible!

We recommend booking a consultation and a trial beforehand so that we know exactly how long your hair will take the day-of, as well as to make sure your hair looks exactly how you want it to look! Makeup generally doesn't need a trial, but you're more than welcome to book one if you like. 


1. Timing is Everything

To make the most of your graduation experience, plan ahead as much as you can. Get your appointments booked and secured so that you're not stressed out around the time of grad. This includes things like booking limos and coordinating that with your friends, as well as figuring out appointments such as makeup, nails, hair etc. If your dress needs to be tailored you'll have to make sure it's done in time too. Knowing the graduation schedule and when you need to be in and out of places will be very important!

2. Take Care of Yourself

Treat your body with love and drink lots of water to keep your skin looking and feeling good! Getting enough sleep is also essential. Who has time for zits and bags under your eyes?! Not you because you're graduating! There will be lots of pictures being taken and you want to look your best. 

3. Know What You Want

With graduation comes many decisions. Hair up or down? Long dress or short dress? Simply getting an idea in your head of how you want the day to look like will help you plan it perfectly. Don't leave everything until the last minute (trust me on this). Nothing has to be for sure, but have an idea set in place. Also, find out if you will be wearing a cap and gown or not, as this could effect your hair and outfit choices. 

4. Check the Weather

Have an idea of what the weather will be looking like for the day-of. Need to bring blotting wipes to freshen up? Do you have a dress jacket in case it's chilly? If it's supposed to be windy you might want to wear your hair back instead of down. If it's supposed to be super hot you might want to pack some extra face powder. We do live in Alberta after all... 



1. Don't Stress!

Remember to enjoy your day, you earned it, and you're almost done! Remember to take the time to smell the flowers as some would say, because grad comes and goes before you know it. This should be an easy one as this is one of the most enjoyable days of high school!

2. Pack the Essentials

Some things to bring:

  • Kleenex/tissue
  • Makeup setting spray
  • Travel sewing kit
  • Lip balm/lip stick
  • Bandages
  • Extra hair ties/pins
  • Travel size hairspray 

3. Get a Good Night's Sleep

Some graduations are a whole-day event so you definitely want to be well-rested if that's the case for yours too! You don't want to be falling asleep during the ceremony, or getting a headache later on in the night either. There's a lot going on during graduation, and you don't want to have to worry about not feeling up to doing everything that you've been planning for the last few months!

4. Eat a Good Breakfast

For the busy day you'll be having, you want to make sure you have a lot of energy, and something that will fill you up enough that waiting for a late lunch won't be an issue. Smoothies can be a great breakfast option because you can take them on the go with you if you have an early hair or makeup appointment etc. They're also filling and normally won't leave you bloated which is another bonus!

5. Wear a Button Up for Appointments

If you are getting your hair or even makeup done in the morning before you change into your outfit, wearing a button up shirt ensures that you stay clean and your hair stays on point. There's nothing worse than getting a beautiful updo, and then ruining it trying to pull off your hoodie later. And if any powder gets on you from your makeup, it won't be on your dress. 



This is one of the coolest trends we have noticed come up. People have been decorating the tops of their caps and the possibilities are endless! Check out these pics we found from Alyce Paris Prom (link here):


Eyelash Extensions

We are in the eyelash extension era! Many girls have been treating themselves for vacations, events (like grad), or even just for everyday wear. With some many options for them, it's easy to see why the customization is a deal-maker. 

Madi D from Elixir showing off her super natural lash extensions from  Eye Candy Lash Extensions  !

Madi D from Elixir showing off her super natural lash extensions from Eye Candy Lash Extensions !


Two-Piece Dresses

Something else we have been noticing is that many girls are opting for the shirt/skirt combo-type dresses. It's something a little different and there are many different styles to choose from! 

And there you have it!

All our tips to let you get the most out of your high school graduation. Hope this helps, and we hope to see you soon!