Meet Megan


Megan started at Elixir Hair Studio in August 2016 immediately after finishing her schooling at Eveline Charles Academy. She has a passion for balayage as well as loves to do extensions. She should be done her Apprenticeship by this upcoming fall, and we're really excited for her to finish this part of her journey! 

Her WOrk

Fun Fact: Megan is a proud puppy mama to Benny, her teacup maltipoo!

Starbucks Order: Cinnamon Dolce Latte


  • Eveline Charles Academy (2015-2016)
  • KMS IQ Cutting
  • Ashlee Norman Triple Threat Balayage
  • Goldwell Colour Foundations
  • Secret Veil Extensions

Her Favourites

1. Bumble and bumble Thickening Hairspray

Megan likes this product because it gives style that lasts all day and gives some grip for updos as well. For a nice blow dry, she also likes to layer it with the Bumble and Bumble Prep Primer. Fun fact: Megan says she thinks it smells like rockets! 

2. KMS Liquid Dust

She likes this product because it gives you ultimate volume and texture! It's easy to use for styling or touch-ups, and can be used in wet or dry hair. There are endless styling options for this product which is nice!

3. Bumble and bumble HIO Dry Oil

Something cool about this product is that it protects from UV rays so it's perfect for the summer! It's not super heavy and moisturizes your hair without you even knowing there's oil in your hair!