Meet Kristen


Kristen has worked at Elixir Hair Studio since December of 2015, and before this, she was at another hair salon in St. Albert for 5 years. She went to school at MC and graduated in 2012. She enjoys doing every aspect of hair, but balayage has to be her favourite. It takes a lot of hard work, but the end result is totally worth it because you leave with such beautiful hair! 

Her Work

Fun Fact: Kristen just got back from the U.K. where she was visiting her brother and his dog Bea!

Starbucks Order: Blonde Vanilla Latte.


  • IQ Cutting
  • Ashlee Norman Triple Threat Balayage
  • Dawn Bradley Hand Painting
  • Eufora's Hero Men's Cutting
  • American Crew Methods 1 
  • Inspiring Champions
  • Redken Colour Foundations

Her Favourites

1. Evo Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioner 

Kristen likes the colour intensifying conditioners because they help prolong the colours and helps to keep the wanted tone within the hair. At the sinks, Kristen usually uses the platinum one on a lot of her blonde clients, and at home she uses the caramel one to maintain her own hair colour and give it a good at-home treatment. 

2. KMS Playable Texture

This product gives you just what it says...texture! It will give you nice beachy waves, help separate your curls, and can be used throughout the day to reactivate your look. It will give you a nice hold without the crunch like hairspray can sometimes leave behind. 

2. Bumble and bumble Full Potential Booster Spray

Kristen really enjoys this spray because it helps repair the hair AND make it stronger in the process! She personally uses it every day and has noticed that her hair isn't breaking as much, is growing faster and thicker than before she was using the booster spray. There is also a full potential shampoo as well as conditioner to compliment it!