Hair for the Holidays

Que the craziness of the holidays and all the parties that come with it! When there is so much going on, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unprepared when having to do your own hair for a holiday event. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do when she’s too busy to book in a style appointment. Mayson and Morgan have three easy tutorials for you to do from the comfort of your own home and in under 20 minutes.

First things first: Prep

The best looks are created with day-old hair. This means that you washed it yesterday, so it’s not as slippery and ‘fresh’ today. We love clean (product free) hair too. Also, the secret to making these styles so gentle and effortless is to curl your hair first. Starting with texture makes the rest of the look a lot easier. If you want to add volume as well as keep your style for a long time, adding a dry powder in like Redken’s Powder Grip or evo’s Haze will definitely make a big difference.

Three Section Braided Pin-Up

Perfect for medium or long hair, this look is fast, easy, and (almost) effortless. The best thing about this look is that it appears more complicated and extravagant than it really is. It’s the perfect “updo” if you’re in a rush or not very experienced with doing hair.

  1. Start with pre-curled hair. Using a thin, clear elastic, secure hair into three equal-sized ponytails at your nape. Feel free to leave out some long strands in the front.

  2. Loosely braid strands and secure with elastics. Pull them slightly apart to widen them. This will allow the hair to take up more “space”.

  3. Taking each braided section, spin and wrap into a bun then secure to the head using bobby pins. Make sure each bun is touching the other and that there are no open gaps or spaces.

  4. Pull a few pieces loose to create texture and add pins to make sure everything is secure. Lock this look in by using a finishing spray of your choice (see below).


Style by Mayson on Morgan

Style by Morgan on Huong

Braided Crown Tie-Back

This style is good for medium hair or longer, but if your hair can be braided then this can be done! It’s very simple, but the braids make it look a little bit more elegant than just having curls.

  1. Start with curled hair. Backcomb the crown to add volume and then smooth out by going over very lightly with a comb.

  2. Take two sections on each side of the face and braid them all the way down. Secure with elastics and then pull braids slightly apart to flatten and widen.

  3. Take the top braids from each side and wrap one above another, securing with bobby pins to the back of your head. Hide the ends of both the braid by pinning them into the braids.

  4. Repeat with the second sections of braids on each side. Make sure all pieces are secure and all ends are hidden and then use a finishing spray.

Twisted Overlap Ponytail

This style is going to be perfect if you want your hair down, but out of your way. There is also potential for this look to be turned more into an updo by pinning the ponytail up into the braided section.

  1. Start with curled hair with volumizing powder in the roots. Backcomb section of crown and secure with a thin clear elastic.

  2. Take two sections on the sides of the center section and twist. Secure on top of the crown section with another elastic.

  3. Repeat until all hair is twisted in (usually 2-3 sections on each side).

  4. Gather hair left down and secure with scrunchie or other hair ornament. Backcomb the curled pony tail and spray with a finishing spray.

Style by Mayson on Morgan

Last But Not Least: Finish

Using a finishing spray will extend your style as well as keep it in place for the rest of the night. If you were looking for a textured finish you could use evo’s Shebangabang or Redken’s Wax Blast 10. For more of a sleek, shiny finish you could use evo’s Love Touch or Redken’s Forceful 23. If you were looking for volume, finish with evo’s Builder’s Paradise or Redken’s Quick Tease 15.

There you have it! Three easy styles to do on yourself to get you ready for your upcoming holiday parties.

Want to see more tutorials? Let us know which ones/types in the comments below!

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