Fall Trend Report

Now that Summer is officially over we are going to start seeing an entirely different palette than we did during the those warm, bright months. We’ll be seeing different colours, different tones, and different textures. We're not just talking about hair cuts and colours though; keep reading to find out what to expect for accessories, shoes, clothing, and men's style.

Women’s Hair Styles


The red carpet has been full of celebrities with the slicked-back, wet hairstyle this Fall. All you need is for your hair to be slightly damp, some gel, and some hairspray. Grab a blowdryer and you’re in business and on-trend!

Embracing and enhancing natural texture and curls has been a game-changer for a lot of women. Finding the right products to really let your hair do what it wants (but in a nice way) has been super liberating. Not using hot tools on your hair promotes health too so this look really checks all the boxes!

Speaking of texture, textured lobs have been very favourable. There’s a lot you can do with them so it’s fun to be able to change up your style from something like straight and sleek to tousled and playful. Notice the colour in the picture too!

Women’s Hair Colours


It’s not surprising that Pumpkin Spice is not just a latte but also a hair colour goal. This fall, many women are going for “spice-coloured” hair; This includes cinnamon, paprika, and nutmeg. A high-shine finish really makes the colours pop.

We are also seeing gold, caramel, and honey hues added in to warm up the look and to add luster and depth. Considering that in the summer blondes are usually on the cooler side, these fall colours are great transition shades as they give a change while keeping the lightness that blondes just love!

Shadow rooting and low-lighting is also something you’ll be seeing as the weather gets colder. These techniques help grab the eyes and give more dimension in the hair. Shadow rooting also allows for a bigger time-span between appointments as it allows your roots to grow out more naturally.

Women’s Accessories


This season we’re seeing a lot of chunky, tie-up scarves. They are colourful and the first thing your eyes are drawn to when you look at someone. The pop of colour can add a lot to a plain outfit and they can keep you warm on a chilly Autumn day.

A focus on body chains and long dangling necklaces has been seen on the runways this season and we think it’s a super fun way to dress up an outfit in a unique way. From boho-chic to office-glam there’s a way to wear these necklaces and chains for anyone.

It’s finally okay to lose an earring! Asymmetrical earrings have been worn by many celebrities and models recently and there has also been a trend for chunkier earrings and ones that basically make it really obvious that both sides are not the same. Usually by asymmetrical they just mean one side longer than the other, but two totally different sides are okay too.

Women’s Shoes


The kitten mule heel is the perfect shoe if you need something a bit more dressy than just a pair of flats. The small heel is substantial enough to be noticed without killing your feet and these shoes can be paired with just about any outfit.

Have combat boots ever not been on trend? They can be dressed up or down and seem to be a staple for everyone’s shoe closets. With many different styles and colours to choose from, it’s easy to wear these and make them work with the look you’re going for.

Dad sneakers are making a come back and they are being paired with everything from sweat suits to silk gowns! Let’s face it, sneakers are way more comfortable than heels anyways. The trend seems to be mostly all-white sneakers that are a bit chunkier, but pretty much anything works.

Women’s Fashion


Bring on the tweed! Ladies jackets, blazers, and pant suits have all been spotted in tweed this Fall. Another material easy to dress up or dress down, tweed outfits can be worn for any occasion. Sticking to white or black underneath is usually the best bet to avoid clashing but it really depends on the colour of tweed.

Pleats, please. Pleated skirts are in every store you go into lately and for good reason! They’re elegant, classy, and can be worn anywhere. You can buy a pleated dress, a long skirt or a short skirt; whatever the occasion there’s a skirt in whatever colour you’d like. We’ve been seeing a lot of metallic pleats this season too.

Silk can be intimidating, but it’s turned out to be increasingly popular this Fall. Paired with bombers, cardigans, or jeans and a blazer there’s always a way to intensify your look with a silk blouse or dress. It really adds that level of daintiness that can transform into an edgy style.

Men’s hair Style


This medium-length cut is something like a modern-day The Beatles style and we’re loving it. It’s kind of messy, but really just enhancing the texture like the women are doing with their curls right now. The fact that men are also entertaining a fringe really keeps it on-trend.

The classic long pompadour style is a perfect example of how men are enjoying taking care of themselves and putting effort into styling their own hair every day. This groomed look is quite masculine and is simply achieved by leaving the hair long on top and styling the hair using a pomade and blowdryer.

Side-parts have always been popular so it’s no wonder the style has been trending so much this season. Keeping the one side tapered makes it easier to style, as well as it’s perfect for those who can’t decide between a long or short style. The overall look is very sleek and professional.

Men’s Fashion


Shearling jackets are coming out all over the place this Fall. The perfect mix of cozy but professional, these jackets will keep you warm out on the town or in the office. You can wear them black and white or with several colours and this jacket will be sure to look good.

This Fall, wear denim on denim. It can be black denim, blue denim, acid-washed denim, you name it. Layered denim complemented with some leather shoes is the way to go no matter how casual or dressed up you need to be.

It’s 2018, so dress like 1990. We knew the 90’s style was coming back when we saw all the bucket hats in the Spring and Summer, but it’s back in whole-outfits for men and I don’t think anyone can be upset about that! Sneakers go with almost every outfit and of course more denim in the form of bomber jackets. Finish off the look with a vintage shirt or sweater and you’re golden.

Men’s Grooming


Recently, we’ve noticed that men are starting to care more about their grooming and will spend the money on luxury products because they enjoy them just as much as women have been. Redken came out with it’s Brews line tailored directly to men and their hygiene regimes, and evo came out with a shaving cream and face balm that do exactly what you need them to do. Both have made it extremely accessible for men to just grab and go rather than sit in the department store wondering which one would work the best for them. With so many options out there, this takes the guess work and the potential reluctance to take care of their skin and faces.

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