Love is in the Hair

Products that we love include evo’s love line: Love Touch and Love Perpetua. Both will give you Valentine’s Day ready hair so keep reading to find out how!


Love Touch

Want just a touch of shine? We’ve got just the spray for you! evo’s Love Touch is a silicone-based pump-spray that can be applied to wet or dry hair, and it doesn’t have any oil in its ingredients. Other than it being a spray, it differs from Love Perpetua in that it seals the cuticle to prevent moisture loss, and it also protects your hair from humidity. This is a great spray to bring on vacation or to use during the spring when it’s starting to get a bit more humid here with the crazy weather changes. It truly is the perfect finisher for any time of the year though! The best part: it’s scent is Watermelon Jolly Rancher, can it even get better than that?! Oh yeah, anyone and everyone can use it- but it’s great for thick and/or coarse hair.

Love Perpetua

You can always remember what this one is going to do to your hair because of it’s name. It will keep your hair shiny perpetually- you will have shiny locks for days especially if you blow dry it in! The best part? You only need a drop or two since it’s so concentrated so it will last you forever. Out for the night and need a little something extra? The small container fits perfectly in your purse for on-the-go shine! Another reason to love this liquid gloss is that it will actually smooth your hair too. Want one more reason? You can cocktail it with different products so that you can literally use it with anything else and end up with a glossy, healthy finish. Love Perpetua is good for all hair types, wet or dry, but especially for those with thick and/or coarse hair.


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