Fall Trend Report

Well, we didn’t really get a “summer” here in Alberta this year but now that it is fall we can really embrace the chilly-er weather! Keep reading to find out what is on-trend this fall for hair cuts and colours, as well as shoes, makeup, clothing, and of course hair accessories. The Elixir girls have done their research, and some would say that we’ve got you covered head-to-toe to keep you trendy this fall!


Hair Cuts & Colours by Mayson

What do honey, mushrooms and caramel all have in common? They’re all fall trend colours! The mushroom blonde look is very ashy and cool, where the honey blonde is more warm and bright. They really show both sides of the spectrum during the fall time. Caramel highlights are a great way to add dimension to your hair while keeping a natural look. Another colour trend this fall is the shadow root (also known as a colour melt) which is a very rooty, lived-in look that is the perfect low-maintenance colour. Muted copper is another colour you’ll be seeing a lot of this season, and of course, black is back! As for cuts, we’re seeing a lot of short, textured cuts, and medium, blunt cuts.

Hair Accessories & Styles by Ainsleigh

Scrunchies out; Headbands in. Thick headbands are a simple fashion statement that really bring your look together. The 90’s are back and they are also serving big clips! Whether they are neutral or blinged-out, they are a super easy way to look fashion chic. Now that we are heading into fall, scarf season is finally back. Instead of putting a scarf around your neck, work it into your hairstyle wearing it as a headband or a ponytail wrap OR if you are feeling really adventurous, work it into a braid! Natural, beauty waves are trending and the looser the curl, the better. Effortless and sophisticated, the beach wave is here to stay!

Clothing by Morgan S

Neon’s back, baby! It can be one article of clothing or your whole outfit- the choice is yours and you’ll be sure to stand out either way! If you’re needing a new fall jacket, look for a long trench coat or maxi-coat as those are also on trend this season. These jackets are an easy way to dress an outfit up or down. Plaid is always trending, but this season we’ll be seeing super cute outfits with plaid skirts. These skirts are so easy to turn from a day look into a night look. Finally, loose fitted everything is on trend! We’ll definitely be seeing a movement away from tight and skinny to loose and oversized.

Shoes & Accessories by Jody

Following the neon clothing trend, bright is back! Whether it be shoes, purses, or earrings, we’ll be seeing lots of flashy colours this season. We’ll also be seeing animal print as a prominent design on everyday outfits as well as trendy oversized totes. Chunky and glittery chandelier earrings will be seen around the face, really upping the glamour factor of your look! Speaking of glam, jewelled and metallic shoes will be dressing up any outfit. You’ll also see people struttin’ their stuff in platform and knee-high boots giving off an almost-vintage vibe.

Makeup by Morgan A

This season, we’re going to be seeing a lot of pairings between bolds and neutrals on the face. Starting with the eyes, soft and matte palettes are being used for shadows. Finishing off with a bold winged liner draws a lot of attention to the eyes. Big, fluffy lashes are also on trend this season. Some people go for eyelash extensions and some go for multi-use strip lashes but regardless, the fluffier and more voluminous the better! Finally, the lips; Many looks are being finished with a bold lipstick and/or liner but also with a nude or neutral shade. For an overall tone, burnt orange and rose colours are what’s on trend this fall.