You Look Fabuloso


When it comes to colour, evo wants to help make your look last as long as possible. Using evo Fabuloso will increase the longevity and enhance your hair by making it brighter, shinier, and healthier. Of course since these are evo products, they are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and gluten free. This conditioner acts more like a treatment, and there are two different ways for you to see (and feel) the effects of evo Fabuloso.

evo Fabuloso Conditioner

In just three minutes you can have your locks looking salon-fresh from the comfort of your own shower. These pigmented conditioners give you an instant refresh to intensify your colour. Simply shampoo, towel dry your hair, then use the evo Fabuloso conditioner of your choice, keeping it on for at least three minutes. If you are in dire need of a gloss and still have a few weeks before your appointment in the salon, put the conditioner on your hair while it’s dry and then wash it out in the shower after about 3-5 minutes.


evo Fabuloso Pro Custom Conditioner

Even though the regular Fabuloso conditioners come in eight shades, sometimes you still can’t find the right one, especially if you have a vivid or pastel colour in your hair. Don’t fret; evo has an answer for you: Shaken, not stirred. The evo fabuloso pro custom conditioners are made by your stylist using professional colour to match your ‘do perfectly! Starting off with a conditioner base that promotes healthy hair, your stylist adds pigment into the conditioner that directly reflects what they just used for your colour, and then all they have to do is give it a good shake! You can use these the same way as you would the other conditioners and keep your colour vibrant and fresh in between salon visits!


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