Definition: The Love of Beauty

“I love your hair!”

“Thanks, I just bought it!”

Introducing Philocaly

Meet the newest addition to Elixir Hair Studio: Philocaly Hair Inc. Created by three sisters in Saskatchewan (we all know Canadian girls do it best), they are on a mission to provide the highest quality hair extensions on the market. After wearing all kinds of extensions for years before Philocaly was born, they’ve each learned the ins-and-outs as well as what works and what doesn’t. They’ve put in years of research and experimentation so that your hair looks and feels so natural you’ll hardly be able to tell that it’s not your own! We are very proud and excited to be partnered up with these amazing boss babes!

The Philocaly Difference

So what makes this hair stand out above the rest? It’s 100% Russian Remy human hair that doesn’t come in contact with any chemicals, synthetics, or silicones. Therefore you don’t have to worry about loosing the glossiness, sleekness, or softness after you wash them a few times.

Each package of hair is collected from a single donor so that all of the movement, texture, and density is the same. Of course, all of their hair is ethically sourced from women who sell their hair for a fair trade price.

This hair also has the cuticle intact so that it’s more durable overall, and the cuticles are corrected so that everything flows in the same direction. This makes them less-likely to get tangled and they are easier to brush through as well as style.


Philocaly is carrying hair for the tape-in method, clip-in method, and has just released hair for the hand-tied method.

Who: These are great if you’re looking to add length and/or fullness to your overall look. This is also a great option for bridal hair and graduation hair. Some people like to get extensions because they can act as a way of adding dimension to your hair without having to actually colour or lighten your natural hair. If you’re a blonde-aholic and can’t get enough bright blonde in your hair this is also a great way to do that while preventing damage to your natural hair!

What: All the methods use the Russian Remy hair and then their respective installation products whether they be tape, beads, or clips. With the proper tender loving care that they require, they should last you 8-12 months.

When: Whenever! However, extensions do come with in-salon and at-home maintenance. If you’re someone who wants to wash and go or avoids trips to the salon, extensions may not be the right fit for you.

Where: Both can be applied as a full-head install for a whole new look. They’re also a great option for “filling” in finer areas on the head (great for around the face) to add some thickness. Growing out your hair? This will help you get through the awkward length phases!

How: Tape-ins are placed specifically to different sections of your head using little rectangular pieces of tape. The wefts are applied using small beads and your own hair as anchors.

So, what do you think?

We always recommend coming in to the studio for an extensive consultation (complimentary of course) to find out which method would be best for you and so that we can answer all of your questions! We also use this session to colour-match your hair and make sure we can get your hair ordered in before you installation appointment. Since extensions are a bit different for everyone, we will go over pricing with you during this time as well so we can give you a more exact quote.

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