Spring Has Sprung… What about your curls?

This month we’re focusing on the different hot tools and electricals that we carry in the studio. We’ll go over some specifications and tell you about our favourite heat protectants too!

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We don’t know about you, but since the sun started shining again we are ready to leave our houses and get ready before we do it!! There’s something about Spring that refreshes and inspires- and that includes trying out some new looks.

Our favourite retail brands for our electricals include Aria Beauty and Hot Tools Professional. We always have the curling irons and blow dryers in stock, and we can order in anything that we don’t have for you.


Aria Beauty is known for their far-infrared technology that they have designed into most of their tools, as well as their adorable packaging! With a variety of blow dryers, straighteners, and curling wands to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find what you’re looking for. They have hair styling sets that include everything you need to do your hair as well as many mini-sized products perfect for travelling. Speaking of travelling, all of their products are dual voltage so that they work no matter where you are!


Hot Tools Professional is quite popular because of their aesthetically pleasing 24k gold curling irons (who doesn’t want that?). They have a few different collections of curling irons, wands, straighteners, and hair dryers. One of the cool things about Hot Tools is that they came out with a collection of curlers that have a 90 degree angle and are more agronomic for stylists who use them all day.

Let’s Talk Blow Dryers

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Something that many people don’t understand or were just never taught is that no matter what, there should be a concentrating nozzle or a diffusing nozzle attached to the end of your blow dryer. Diffusers are used if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, as they dry your hair in it’s natural shape without making them frizzy or straightening out any of the curls. Concentrators ensure that your hair is dried equally, smoothly, and efficiently. This is essential for straight or wavy blowouts as the concentrator makes sure all the air is blown directly on each section of hair, giving you control of how the hair will dry and lay.

Straight to the Straighteners

Straighteners or flat irons come in many shapes and sizes, with the most common being the 1” plate size. Many straighteners, especially professional ones, come with an adjustable temperature setting. It’s important to understand which temperature your hair needs. We recently had a sales rep say to us, “You don’t even cook a chicken at 425 degrees Fahrenheit, so why would you put that much heat on your hair?”. Even with heat protection, you don’t necessarily need to use the hottest setting in order to get the job done. Pay attention to what size of sections you’re taking and see if taking them bigger or smaller makes a difference. Also remember that you can straighten and curl with a flat iron! Need help with the technique? Ask your stylist to show you how!

Next Up: Curling Irons

Curling irons can be a tricky purchase because there are so many different barrel sizes. The best way to determine which size to buy is to decide which kind of curl you want to achieve. For example, if you’re looking for a tighter, more spiral-like curl you’ll want to use a smaller barrel. If you want larger, more glam-wave style curls then a bigger barrel will help you out. Depending on your experience level, maybe stay away from Marcel handles as they are meant for stylists to help them out while doing their guests’ hair. Using a regular clamping iron or a clamp-less wand will be the easiest.

Heat Protection

This is no joke! Don’t even think about putting a hot tool to your head if you’re not protecting it first! We have a few fan-favourites for you to choose from that will make sure your hair stays healthy, and well, alive. If you like pump-sprays, evo’s Icon Welder heat protectant will not only protect your hair from heat damage, but it will also help the hot tools create the shapes you want in your hair. The Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer is a cream that you put in before blow drying your hair in order to reduce the time it takes for your hair to dry, and as an added bonus it gives you heat protection and extra smoothness! Finally, for our aerosol lovers, we have the Redken Fabricate 03 spray. This gives you heat protection and it’s a great style re-activator for when you’re styling your hair several days in a row.


Tips & Tricks

If you’re feelin’ extra and want some mega volume we have the perfect trick for you! Use a micro-crimper at your roots (leaving your top section of hair smooth) to add volume and texture that lasts forever. Micro-crimpers are easy to use and we can definitely get you one and show you how to use it correctly to get your va-voom dream hair!

If you want your curls to look natural and voluminous, purchase a wide-tooth comb to rake them out when you’re done styling. The evo Fabuloso wide-tooth combs that we carry in the studio will make finishing off your look a breeze! The separation that it gives to your curls shows more texture and volume without making them straight or frizzy. Finish off your look with a hairspray such as the Redken Fashion Work 12 or evo’s Miss Malleable.


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