Spring 2019

Women’s Hair Styles

Bobs with blunt, sharp finishes are really in this season as shown on Dua Lipa above. The bob, ending above the shoulder, is great for enhancing your natural bone structure.

Soft fringes with undone layers are a great mix. Cuts with lots of texture really emphasize the different looks you can achieve with a style like this.

60’s meets 70’s! We are loving this style that brings us back a few decades but still has a modern twist. The signature back-section pin-up is easy enough for anyone to do and adding a bit of texture in the front pieces really transforms this look.

The pony is a cute, simple look that is easy to style. It can be dressed up to look more glamorous and can go with a range of different outfits. We like the soft fringe here as well.

Ultra glossy hair is another style trend for this season. The shiny, dark colors are a great way to make your hair look full and healthy, especially when your hair is simply blown out.

The wet look is a trend that will probably never go away. Year after year, season after season, we see it as a popular style with celebrities like the Kardashians. It’s the perfect “just got out of the ocean” look!

Women’s Hair Colours

The first main trend we’ve seen for colour this spring is no surprise! Back in December, Pantone released Living Coral as it’s 2019 colour of the year. These peachy hues have been seen on more and more heads as it’s been warming up outside.

Working off of the Living Coral trend, we’ve been seeing a lot of pastel hair colours in general. This Unicorn Hair can be dialed back and subtle, but we’ve seen it in the form of bright neons too.

Adding warmth is starting to resurface again in the form of Honey Blonde colours. We’re seeing a movement away from the cool, ashy blonde tones and towards dimensional, warm blondes.

Inky black hair has been seen on many stars like Camila Mendez, Selena Gomez, and others. The sleek and shiny look can really accentuate facial features.

Ashy silver has returned as a trend yet again and we don’t think it will ever stop! These grey-haired looks are a ton of maintenance but definitely pay off in the end!

Try as hard as you want, but you’ll probably never be able to match the red shade that natural gingers are blessed with. These fire-coloured locks have been getting a lot of attention this season.

Women’s Fashion

Head-to-toe neutrals are one of our favourite trends this spring! The outfits look so fresh and clean and definitely get us excited to go shopping. There are a lot of cream and beige, but also some khaki and caramel colours.

Bike shorts are an interesting trend but they’re all over the place! This trend is focused on the length of the shorts rather than the material, and the shorts are usually paired with something a bit bulkier on top.

Boiler suits are a super cute trend that make getting dressed in the morning so much easier! These one-pieces are very popular in an army-green colour, but navy is very popular too.


Black and white polka dot prints are hitting the runways this spring! Another popular print with the same colour scheme is the chex print. These outfits make coloured and metal accessories really pop.

The French tuck is a trend that you can add to your style whether you’re wearing jeans, trousers, or a skirt. It dresses up your outfit and can accentuate a belt if you’re wearing one too.

Women’s Accessories

Fanny packs are coming back in style and people are workin’ it! With designers such as Gucci coming out with all sorts of pieces, there’s something for everyone.

Speaking of making a comeback, scrunchie wearing is in full-swing! You can buy them just about anywhere now and you can find them in almost any material, pattern, and colour.

Chunky, layered jewelry is the best way for you to make a fashion statement this season. They’re an easy way to dress-up an outfit and really increase your glam-factor!


Headbands are being seen more and more lately too. They’re an easy way to dress-up your hair and can give you an elegant overall look even with a messy style.

Decorating your hair with pins is becoming more and more stylish every day. You can buy so many different hair pins with different designs, materials, jewels etc. on them and they’re so easy to place in your hair.

Women’s Shoes

Strappy sandals are the perfect spring and summer shoe. They’re cute with any type of outfit whether it be jeans and a t-shirt or a dress. Bonus points if they’re brightly coloured!

The “Dad Sneakers” have returned as a trend this season, but this time even brighter! Colourful and chunky runners are being seen all over the runway and in the local malls too.

Sculpted heels are really making an appearance this season as a more decorative way to dress up an outfit. You can buy them in all shapes and sizes to give your look an edge.

Thick wedges are the ultimate shoe for those who want to wear heels, but feel like they’re wearing sneakers. This season, they’re going to be all the rage!

Shoes with lots of buckles on them are also on the trend list. Whether they actually serve a purpose or not, they look cute and add a little something extra to your shoe game.

Feathers are being see on so many shoes this season! Whether they be on heels, flats, or slides they are there and they are making a statement.

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