Meet the New Industry Standard


How it got started…

SalonScale was conceptualized by a salon owner who had the same question in her head every day… until she finally discovered an answer. Then… she made moves.

Alicia Soulier’s realization happened in 2017 and by 2018, SalonScale Technology Inc. launched and they started to change the industry in no time at all.

Alicia is a Canadian girl (woo-hoo!) from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who owns Capelli Salon Studio. As a stylist, she always wondered what she could do in order to reduce the amount of waste colour that she went through, and take the guesswork out of charging her clients. As a salon owner, she wondered how she could cover costs and address the amount of free-pouring of colour that was happening. Finally, she had a light bulb moment, dropped everything, and started to plan (for about 13 months).

Friday, June 8, 2018 was the official launch of the app, and since then it has spread world-wide and they just keep getting more and more successful!

What it is…

SalonScale is an amazing new system that reduces waste, unnecessary costs, and second-guessing in the salon. The best part? All you need is a smartphone and a scale. The SalonScale scales are Bluetooth so that each measurement is recorded directly into your stylist’s phone (don’t worry, they’re not texting behind the colour bar!) through the app.

The app itself has a client section that records everything used in your hair for each chemical service you attend. This means that if you love your colour this time, the next time you’re in your stylist not only knows what colour she used, but also exactly how much of it was used so she can give you the exact same look.

There is a note section as well that allows the stylist to write anything about your service they don’t want to forget so that your services can be as consistent as possible. If your stylist was sick one day, another stylist at the studio has access to all of your notes and formulations as well.

After your service is completed, the exact dollar amount for the colour used is added directly onto your bill. This amount is measured down to the gram and it allows for consistent pricing across the board.

Think about it…

We had a few clients ask us questions about why we charge for colour and the answer is easy!

Think of it in terms of parts and labour, like when you get an oil change. You pay for the labour (the mechanic/hairstylist) and you also pay for the product (the oil/hair colour). Or think about when you go to Bulk Barn. If you weigh out double the amount of candy compared to the person beside you, you’re going to pay more. If you have double the amount of hair as the person in the colour chair next to you, you’re going to pay for more product than she is. We have a set service rate, and then we just add your colour onto that when you come in for a colour service.

As a female led tech company and being in an industry where 8 out of 10 salons fail within the first 4 years of business we must reach out our hands to one another.
— SalonScale

SalonScale allows fairness to not only the client but also the salon and that’s why we love it so much. Click here to read Allana’s interview with SalonScale.

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