Summer is Coming…

Spring has sprung and that means that summer is right around the corner. You have three months to get as blonde as you can! Our feature product this month is going to help you stay that blonde during and after the lightening phases, and in between glosses!

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What it is:

When Redken came out with this line last year we were over the moon happy as we’ve been waiting to find the perfect purple shampoo for a long time! Before the Blondage line came out, the Redken Brews Silver shampoo was very popular among the blonde crowd as it’s a purple shampoo that cancels out yellow undertones, but it’s directed towards men. Redken soon knew that they had to make a purple shampoo targeting women who lightened their hair often so the Color Extend Blondage line was born!

Who it’s for:

Blonde-a-holics! This is great for basically any blonde in any part of their blonde-hair journey. It’s great to use if you’re going through the lightening process and are still working out some brassy tones. It’s also great to use in between services or when you’re waiting to reserve your spot for a gloss. We always keep a lot of this on hand as we recommend it to almost all of our blonde guests.


How it works:

The thing that’s so great about this line is that it’s not only great for cancelling out those unwanted, brassy tones with it’s ultra violet pigment, but it’s also a strengthening line so that your hair can withstand chemical services better. It has Redken’s Triple Acid Protein Complex in it, so instead of drying out your hair like many of those other purple shampoos and conditioners might, it actually acts as more of a treatment. You use this duo like you would any other shampoo or conditioner so it will be an easy conversion for you (and your hair will be very happy)!

Tips and Tricks:

One thing about this Blondage line is that there is so much pigment in the products it has the potential to stain your hands or shower purple. The bottle does recommend you wear gloves while applying, but if you rinse your hands immediately after applying it shouldn’t stain. If you spill some in your shower try and clean it up quickly so that it doesn’t stain those surfaces either.

You can do a DIY flash tone with this too from the comfort of your own home. If you need to bring in the big guns, you can apply this to dry hair and leave on for about ten minutes before washing it out in the shower. This will give you the ultimate brightness and cancellation of unwanted tones.

You don’t need to use the shampoo and conditioner together to get a result, but it will work the best that way. We would definitely recommend using the shampoo as it has the most pigment, but if you had a conditioner that you just didn’t want to part with you could also pair those two together.

One more great thing about the Color Extend line in general is that there is a Vinegar Rinse Treatment that you can use to further protect your colour and add shine. It re-balances the pH of your hair and gently cleanses it to leave your hair glossy, smooth, and healthy. You only need to use this treatment once a week and you work it through your hair in between your blondage shampoo and condition.