Brews for the Dudes

Inspired by beer and infused with malt, the Redken Brews line has a shampoo for every type of man. Before we crack open each bottle, let’s talk a little bit about the line.

The Brews line is a small product line that’s easy to grab and go… perfect for the men who like to keep it simple but still take care of themselves! Redken had a men’s line in the past, but this rebranding a few years ago was just the revamp it needed. They have really simplified the line to include just the basics, and between that and that stylish packaging (and of course the fact that the products work great) the Redken Brews have been very successful!



The best part of the line is that there are not a ton of products needed to get the job done. The Brews line offers you a choice between four different shampoos, and there is one conditioner that can be paired with any of them. They also have a 3-in-1 for those on the go or who don’t like to carry around many products. Fun fact: each bottle is 97% recycled plastic!

  • Extra Clean Shampoo: More of a clarifying shampoo. Great for those guys who get dirty on the job!

  • Mint Shampoo: A refreshing, cooling shampoo. Great for those guys with dry or itchy scalps.

  • Daily Shampoo: A gentle, cleansing shampoo. Great for those guys who wash their hair every day.

  • Silver Shampoo: A toning shampoo. Great for those guys with white or grey hair!

  • Daily Conditioner: A lightweight, moisturizing conditioner. Great for any guy!

  • 3-in-1: A shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all in one! Bring this to the gym or in your suitcase.



There are about nine different styling products to choose from depending on what your hair texture is like and what your desired look is. The Brews line also includes a hairspray for finishing your look with an extreme, turbo-charged hold.

  • Dishevel Fiber Cream: Our most popular seller! This medium-hold cream shapes and texturizes hair.

  • Work Hard Molding Paste: Use this paste to obtain a natural finish with maximum hold.

  • Wax Pomade: This pomade has the lightest hold of all of the pucks and will leave you with a glossy, re-workable finish.

  • Maneuver Cream Pomade: If you want a smooth finish, this is what you use. You’ll get medium control with low shine.

  • Outplay Texture Pomade: This pomade will give you texture with a matte finish and maximum hold.

  • Clay Pomade: Use this pomade if you’re going for a roughed-up look with a gritty finish and maximum hold.

  • Get Groomed Finishing Cream: This cream creates a natural finish with mild control.

  • Grip Tight Holding Gel: This gel is perfect for curly hair with its medium control and shine.

  • Stand Tough Extreme Gel: Create the perfect slicked-back look with this maximum control and high shine gel.



Redken really hit the nail on the head with the face portion of the Brews line. Consisting of a shave cream, after-shave balm, beard oil, and cleansing bar, men have the skincare they need without having to spend hundreds of dollars. We do not currently carry the after-shave balm in the studio but we do have the other three products.

  • Shave Cream: This cream is meant for all skin types including sensitive skin (it’s dermatologist-tested). It’s lightweight and has a very fresh smell. Pro Tip: This one is actually great for women too!

  • Beard and Skin Oil: This oil will last forever since you don’t need to use very much of it to feel its effects. With a muskier scent, your beard and face will feel conditioned and groomed!

  • Cleansing Bar: This soap bar is pH balanced so it will leave your skin feeling refreshed and cleansed without causing any irritation. Pro Tip: Leave it in your sock drawer for a few days before using so that it dries out a bit and it will last longer.

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