Colour Appointment Prep

Okay so you’ve made your reservation to get the hair of your dreams and have full trust in your stylist, but do you realize you have a part to play too? In this blog, we are going to go through how to properly prep your hair and how to come to your appointment in order for you to have the best colour you can.

Leading Up To Your Appointment

The best hair prep doesn’t happen by putting on a mask the day before your appointment. You hair needs to be strong and healthy from the inside out and that can take weeks or even months to build up that integrity. This applies to you even more if you’re a blonde-a-holic like we all are!

Using a mask once a week specific to your hair type is very important. Living in Alberta, it’s pretty common to be using a hydrating mask as we have such a dry climate here. The masks that we carry in the studio can either replace conditioner when you’re washing your hair, or be added in between your shampoo and conditioner and left on for five to ten minutes.

It’s also great to be treating your hair on the inside too! Olaplex is a great option for making sure your hair strands are healthy and strong. This will ensure that your hair will be able to handle the lightener and other chemicals without ruining the integrity of your hair. Treatments should be used about once a week or once every few weeks depending on your hair type.

Before Your Appointment

In order for the products we use to have the best effect on your hair, there are a few things that you can do before you even come to the studio.

First things first, it’s always preferable for you to come in with clean, product-free hair. This doesn’t mean that you have to wash your hair the day-of or anything though; if it has been one or two days since your last hair wash, that works great. However, when you have a bunch of dry shampoo in your hair or if it’s a bit oily, a barrier (and sometimes a buildup) of product is created and our products can’t saturate your hair properly. This means that your colour may not last as long or it may not cover the way we wanted.

Coming in with dry hair is also preferable. We get that sometimes you’re coming from the gym or the pool, but when you come in with water particles in your hair we need to take extra time to get it dry again. Colour and lightener does not stick or work properly when the hair is wet, and if we have to take an extra five to ten minutes power-drying your hair, that can make us late for all of our appointments after yours.

After Your Appointment

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Buy the product your hair needs! We place so much emphasis on using products that will keep your colour lasting and keep your hair healthy because you invest a lot of money (and we put in a lot of work!) to have the hair you want. If you truly want to invest in your hair then the products should be part of your calculations too. Your stylist will always recommend the best products and they will let you know which one is the most important for you to purchase.

Another thing that gets overlooked a lot is to make sure you book your next appointment! When you book in properly then there is minimal work being done the next time, and you will continue to have your dream hair and you won’t be damaging your hair more than you have to.

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