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Girls aren’t the only ones who like to take care of their faces….

In this blog we’re going to go over the skincare products that we offer for men here at the studio. We’ll talk about the evo and Redken Brews products that we have and how quick, easy, and effortless they are to use. Minimal products make it easy to create a routine and stick with it, so take your pick.



uberwurst shaving creme

This shaving creme isn’t what you’re used to… Instead of a foam, enjoy a gentle, lightweight mousse that is packed full of technology to give you the best shave you can get. Not only does it condition your whiskers, but it lubricates the skin and opens the hair cuticles so more of the hair will get pushed out. After shaving, the cuticles retract, sucking the hairs back into the skin and all you’ll be left with is a smooth face.

winners face balm

It’s not a moisturizer… it’s a face balm. The best part is that it’s oil-free, and you won’t even feel it on your face because of how fast it absorbs and how lightweight it feels. This is the perfect post-shave product for the face and neck because it helps get rid of any redness or irritation from shaving. Your skin will be silky, soothed, and softened after using this balm.


Redken Brews


Shave Cream

If you need a shave cream that works great and is dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin, you’ve found it. This cream hardly foams up, but ensures you get a close shave while giving you some hydration at the same time.

Beard & Skin Oil

This oil is formulated with 99% natural ingredients for softening your beard and hydrating the skin underneath it. It’s suitable for all skin types and perhaps the most important part (other than it working terrifically) is that the smell is neutral with just a hint of musk.

Cleansing Bar

This may be the best-smelling men’s product we’ve ever smelt! This pH-balanced cleansing bar is more than just soap; It’s a hydrating and refreshing skin-saver. Use this on your face and body and bask in your freshness.

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