Marilyn Rose

In July we had the pleasure of taking a class by the amazing Marilyn Rose! Marilyn is a Redken Artist who specializes in curly as well as short hair. She flew in all the way from Ottawa, Ontario to spend the day with us at our studio and we couldn’t be more grateful! She shared not only tips and tricks on product and styling but also cutting and colouring techniques so that we can better serve our curly-haired babes!

After taking this exceptional class we will be taking a new approach to cutting your curls. Here’s what you need to know:

  • We request that you come to your appointment with clean, dry hair, styled as you normally would. This way we can see your natural hair pattern.

  • We will be cutting your hair dry first and then washing and styling your hair after that.

  • We will placing extra emphasis on product knowledge and styling tips so that you can easily recreate the look at home.



Benefits of Dry Cutting

  • Dry cutting is great for those who rock their natural curls the majority of the time.

  • This technique allows us to see the split ends that need to be cut off a lot easier.

  • Your stylist will be able to have a better understanding of how your curl responds to being cut.

  • This will give your stylist the ability to see the “C” shape of your curl so that they know where exactly they should be cutting.

Education is so important to us at Elixir, not only so that we continue to grow as individuals and professionals, but because we always want to provide the most up-to-date and best services that we can for our guests. We can’t wait to try our new techniques on you and share our new knowledge with you!

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