Summer Favourites

This month, the girls are spilling their top two, go-to, Summer beauty products. These are the things that make summer days even sweeter, easier, and fresher!



evo Water Killer because I love how it gives me grip and body to wear my hair up in the summer. It also extends my style which is especially nice in these hot, sweaty months!

Clinique Broad Spectrum sunscreen because skin care is so important to me! It’s my most important summer fave and I can’t live without it.



evo Happy Campers keeps my hair hydrated and protects it from the sun’s UV rays. It helps prevent my colour from fading which is definitely something to look out for in our hot, dry summer months!

I love The Fox Tan because it boosts the melanin levels in your skin. I have super fair skin so it helps me get some colour with minimal sun exposure.



Dresses are light and airy which is perfect for working in the studio or being outside! They are so versatile; They can be worn with sandals, sneakers, high heels etc. which I love because I can dress them down or dress them up for any kind of event or outing.

I couldn’t pick just one summer product! Bio-Oil and Olaplex No. 6 are my favourites. My hair is usually up in a bun or a braid so I always apply my Olaplex No. 6 before styling to provide nutrients but also to keep it hydrated. I use Bio-Oil every day and night to keep my skin hydrated (without leaving it greasy). It makes my foundation application smoother and for days where I’m not wearing makeup it keeps my skin healthy looking all day! It also targets sensitive skin which I love.



Benefit’s Bad Gal BANG mascara is my go-to! It gives full and even distribution, and it even has an ingredient in it that helps support the growth of your lashes!

Kimonos are my favourite pieces to wear in the summertime. You can dress them up or down, and I like to pair them with a pair of jean shorts and cute shoes.


Morgan S:

T shirt dresses! I can dress these up or down with cardigans, jewelry, heels, etc. My favorite right now is a black t shirt dress with my floral print heels These dresses are perfect for this crazy Alberta weather.

I now have quite a collection of Hillberg and Berk earrings! I’ll be wearing a pair of sparkle balls 90% of the time! They go with all my summer outfits and really add a glam aspect to any outfit.



This little purse is my go-to for summer. It can be dressed up or down, and it has enough room for the things I need whether I’m heading out for the night or to the Farmer’s Market in the morning.

If you know me you know I’m a die-hard Tarte fan. This vanilla-scented mineral powder sunscreen is always with me in the summer! Not only does it protect your skin with SPF 30, but it gets rid of shine too.

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