Take Care of Yourself

With September being here and all of the hustle and bustle returning, we thought we would share what we like to do when we need to take time for ourselves and mellow out a bit. Self-care is very important to us because we are firm believers that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and you need to keep both balanced to live a healthy lifestyle.


What do I do for myself? Hmm, I had to think hard on this one as I’m constantly on the go and don’t often stop to take care of myself (terrible, I know). When I need some me-time, I like to put on a face mask and dive into a trashy mystery novel. I also have a new-found love for cooking! I mean, I love eating… Taking the time to prepare the foods I need to nourish my body has become much more relaxing than in the past. Doing that while listening to some blues helps soothe my soul!



My self-care is fundamental for my mental health. Being an introvert, working a career where it’s essential to talk with people all day can sometimes be challenging. Cleaning is a huge de-stressor for me because it keeps my mind busy and it has a satisfying end result. Another activity that cleanses my mind is painting and drawing! I’m a creative individual which is very helpful for my career, but to be able to create without having anyone’s input but my own is incredible relaxing. I get lost in each brush stroke and I am truly happy when I see the end result that I created. Self-care is essential for every human in any industry and I think that you have to take care of yourself before you can truly care for anyone else!



September is always a tricky month for me because getting back on schedule with school, band practice, lashing and having a social life (while balancing that with working full time) can leave me feeling really stressed out! If I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, there are a couple things that I know will make me feel better every time! Being in a clean environment really makes a difference to me, so having a clean house with my diffuser or incense going puts me in a better mood. Pairing that with some yoga, Netflix, or reading a good book makes all the difference.



My life is extremely busy with work, my two wonderful kids, sports, and balancing my home life with all of that! Listening to my body and intuition for what self-care I need is very important to me. For me, it could be taking a bath, baking, getting together with friends, a night of dancing, or something as simple as putting my feet up on the couch and binge-watching some Netflix! This month I know I’ll be busy with work and being at the rink so I booked some massages to kickstart fall! Xo



For my self care, I enjoy hot bubble baths or showers along with a hair and face mask. I also treat myself to a massage every month to help me unwind both physically and mentally. Taking care of myself always makes me feel better and I truly believe that it allows me to be the best version of myself that I can be!


Morgan A.

For self-care at home I like to get cozy and watch The Mindy Project on Netflix. I also like to go for walks around my neighbourhood in the morning to start my day, and sometimes take a hot bath with a bath bomb to end my day!

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