What is Remy hair?

Remy or Remis means that the cuticle is intact and are all facing the same direction (like how it normally grows out of your head). This is so important because some hair extensions that don't face the right direction will lead to shedding, tangling, matting, and of course damage to the extension and natural hair. 

How long will the hair last? 

Our hair can be worn for an extensive period of time providing it is taken care of properly at home, and you are coming in for regular maintenances, which are usually every three to six weeks. 

Will it damage my natural hair? 

Our installation method is the least damaging on the market, but in the end it depends on how well you take care of your hair. Proper maintenance and use of recommended products are a must!

Can I style it like my own hair? 
Of course! Our hair is 100% human hair that can be washed, dried, and styled like your own. 

Can I colour my own hair while wearing extensions? Can I colour the extensions? 
You can definitely get your own hair coloured while wearing the extensions; however, we do not recommend colouring your extensions so that you can ensure the quality stays the same. The hair we carry comes in a variety of colours and shades so that we can match your real hair perfectly!

How long is the appointment for an install?
Installation can take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on how much hair is being installed. All appointments include blending and styling so you'll have the look you wanted when you leave. 

How often can I wash my hair? 
You can wash your hair as often as you like, but we recommend washing your extensions once or twice a week. You can also wash just the top half of your head as needed. During your installation your extensionist will go over all wash, care and styling guidelines. 

Must haves for optimal care: 
Silk pillow case
Extension brush
Redken Diamond Oil
Salon quality shampoo and conditioner
Deep conditioning mask