If you’re running late…

Our team puts aside time especially for you and we would like to ask that you arrive for your scheduled appointments in a timely fashion. If you will be running a few minutes behind, please call us at (587)-290-1015 to let us know. Please note that arriving late could change your appointment depending on timing.

Cancellations and appointment changes…

Just a reminder that we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancelling or changing your appointment(s). We will be asking for a credit card in order to reserve your spot. Any reservations that are a late-cancel/change or no-show will result in a 50% charge to your credit card. As a reminder we will confirm 2-3 days before your reservation.  

Bringing your mini’s…

For the fairness of all guests who come in for a relaxing time at our studio, we ask that you don’t bring your children to your appointment and that alternate childcare is scheduled for them. If your appointment needs to be rescheduled please see the above cancellation policy. If your child is here please ensure they aren’t distracting to our focused stylists or to our relaxed guests.

Thank you for respecting our stylists and our guests! If you have any questions please call us at (587)-290-1015 or email us at info@elixirhairstudio.com


Elixir Hair Studio