Elixir Hair Studio Team

Elixir Hair Studio has a fast-paced and enthusiastic team made up of some of the best stylists in the Edmonton and St. Albert area. 


Level 4A Stylist - Owner 

$67 Women's Cuts

$44 Men's Cuts

With the help and encouragement from her high school cosmetology teacher, Allana knew being a professional hair stylist was the right path to choose. Immediately after completing high school she enrolled in Eveline Charles Academy and graduated the following spring ready to start in a salon and never looked back. Her love for the industry isn't just about hair, but about how it makes her guests feel. When they feel beautiful and confident she is truly satisfied. 
After being in the industry since 2008, Allana felt it was time to venture out on her own, opening Elixir Hair Studio in the fall of 2015. Her journey as a business owner is just beginning. She has surrounded herself with positive, like-minded people which keeps her grounded and always pushes forward. 
With a passion for travel and education she has combined the two by taking classes abroad and plans to do many more trips in the future. Constantly upgrading her skills and seeing the world is where she gets her true inspiration. 


Allana attended the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA perfecting her cutting skills. She has taken a variety of cutting, colouring, and styling classes over the years until settling down with Pureology as an educator. Working backstage with some amazing artists has been very humbling to her.

Allana is trained in all methods of extensions, with the micro-weft method being her favourite as it is non-damaging with no heat, glue or chemicals added. Learn more about our extensions here.


Education Highlights:

  • Extension Specialist

  • ABC Cut & Colour Vidal Sassoon Academy, Santa Monica, CA

  • Dawn Bradley Hair Painting 101

  • Eveline Charles Academy

  • Ashlee Norman's Triple Threat Balayage

  • Redken Undressed

  • Redken Fusion, Toronto, ON


Level 4 Stylist Part Time

$65 Women's Cuts

$45 Men's Cuts

Madison went the authentic route for her hair license graduating from the Sturgeon Composite High School Cosmetology program and apprenticing at a high-end local salon. She has been a stylist since 2011 and takes great care and consideration with each of her guests. Her soft touch and attention to detail is what keeps her guests coming back for more.
With the love for the hair/fashion industry, Madison has taken part in many local shows working backstage as well as photoshoots. Constantly upgrading her education, in all aspects, is where she finds her inspiration. As of September 2017, she has enrolled at N.A.I.T. to pursue her interest in Interior Design so she will no longer be full time but you will still see her around on Saturdays.


Education Highlights:

  • ABC Cut and Colour, Vidal Sassoon Academy, Santa Monica, CA

  • Wide range of local cutting, colouring, and styling classes

  • Sturgeon Composite Cosmetology Program

  • KMS IQ Cutting


Level 4 Stylist

$60 Women’s Cuts

$45 Men’s CUts

Born and raised in Edmonton, Huong started to pursue her career as a hairstylist at Eveline Charles Academy in 2011. Her passion for hair allows her to educate her guests on up-to-date trends and maintenance at home. Colour really stands out to Huong as her favourite aspect of hair and she loves seeing her guests leave happy!

Huong values her personal time with her three boys, she loves to cook and she loves to play board games! After being in the industry for seven years already, her attention to detail will not disappoint you!

Education Highlights:

  • Eveline Charles Academy

  • Sassoon ABC Cutting Certificate

  • Neuma Ambassador & Product Adviser


Level 4 Stylist Part Time

$60 women's cuts

$45 Men's cuts

Info coming soon!


Education Highlights:


Level 4 Stylist

$62 Women's Cuts

$41 Men's Cuts

Kristen has been in the industry since 2010 starting as an apprentice while she was enrolled at Marvel College and has been a licensed stylist since 2013. Kristen always takes her time to get it just right so her guests leave feeling  beautiful and confident. She has lots of experience in the barbering world and is shifting more into the colour and styling side of things. 

Education is what drives Kristen to create. Even though she’s somewhat new to the industry she has really sunk her teeth in by working backstage at various fashion shows such as the Edmonton ABA with L’Oreal Professional and a variety of classes from braiding to barbering. In the future she wants to add Vidal Sassoon Cutting to the list!

She loves to spend time with her goofy pup Gracie and baking sweet treats. 


Education Highlights: 

  • Dawn Bradley Hair Painting 101

  • Eufora's Hero Men's Cutting

  • American Crew Methods 1

  • Redken Colour Foundations

  • KMS IQ Cutting

  • Ashlee Norman's Triple Threat Balayage

  • Redken Undressed


Level 1 Stylist

$47 Women's Cuts

$32 Men's Cuts

Leanna made the move from Victoria, British Columbia to St. Albert in September 2017. After graduating hair school in 2006, she immediately started working in the industry. Her attention to detail and the ability to give her clients exactly what they want is what keeps her guests coming back for more!

She recently finished her extension training and is excited to increase her extension work as she is very passionate about it. 





Education Highlights:

  • Extension Specialist

  • The Aveda Institute (2006)

  • Redken Undressed



$27 Women's Cuts

$14 Men's Cuts


Mayson moved to Edmonton from Athabasca in order to go to school at MC College. She recently graduated from there in August 2018 and immediately sought out an Associate position here at Elixir. We are very excited to see her grow here as she has already impressed us with the skills and techniques she has already picked up!

Colour is Mayson's favourite part of hair styling. Balayage, blondes, and vivids are her favourites but she does plan on learning to master colour corrections in the future. She uses hair as a creative outlet and she likes to show that in her work. 


Education Highlights:

  • Marvel College

  • Redken Principles of Colour


Make Up Artist

by appointment only


Jillyn has over 10 years experience in the beauty industry after graduating from Blanche McDonald in Vancouver, BC. After graduating she is certified in fashion makeup, bridal, television and film, special FX, and airbrushing. There isn’t much she cant do!

Her passion for making her guests look and feel beautiful really comes through in her work. She truly knows how to enhance the natural beauty in all her guests by working with the right shades, tones, and contouring for each guest. 

Working for MAC Cosmetics as a full time artist for 6 years opened up different opportunities such as becoming one of the MAC AIDS Ambassadors for her store. After MAC she moved into a more freelance position allowing her to work with other companies such as Shoppers Beauty Boutique, Sephora, and freelancing for weddings and other events. She most currently works closely with Stila and Smashbox Cosmetics. 


“My passion of makeup is beauty makeup. I love inspiring and making someone who feels beautiful on the inside shine throughout on the outside.”

Education Highlights:

  • Impact Team Leadership, Management MAC Cosmetics New York, NY

  • Industry events


Cover FX, Urban Decay, Clinique, Lancome, Clarins, Vichey, la Roche Posay, Elizabeth Arden. Dior, Estee Lauder, St. Tropez, Gosh Cosmetics and many others!